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Company Overview

VASH Established to find out the environmental solutions for the problems which exists and will provide awareness to the Governing body with the help of geospatial technologies for betterment of organising the projects. The projects are implemented by six sigma development for accuracy and Quality. There will a stage wise implementation and Development of all the projects.


Stage wise development of a Project

Geospatial Applications and Technologies

Stage 1 – GIS data collection and approval of the project for the best solution.

Industrial Engineering Activities

Stage 2 – Project involved in the Construction and Production phase support.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Activities

Stage 3 – Keeping the project with project Specifications.

Testing and Commissioning Activities

Stage 4 – Commissioning and keep the project in live condition.

Maintenance of the project Activities

Stage 5 – Maintenance of the project in agreed period and Lifelong Service.


Company Strategy


Your Word Our Service


To be a Pioneer Engineering company to provide the wide range of solutions to the Environmental problems in minimising to Eco friendly in nature for next generations.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative environmental services and practical solutions that contribute to the long term prosperity of our customers by reducing their environmental liabilities while enhancing the liabilities of their assets. Success in this area will also contribute to the Long term well being of our stakeholders, employees and to the preservation of our natural resources.

Core values



Background and Development

Handled the projects professionally with handsome of 20 years of experience as a working knowledge in our team and all the professionals who associated and formed a team worked as a free lancers or consultantsin their core sectors. We all together formulated a team and keep all our strengths together for the development and smooth run of the organizational growth.


Work Force

We are the group of 14 working professionals handling 20 Supervisors, 50 technicians and 75 Working Employees (Both technical and Non technical).

Our policy states the professionals which are mentioned above are fixed and integrated with all sorts of work rather than these people there were employees which are chosen in contract basis in  Fixed term contractual policy, As we hire people on Project basis, Senior most people will be accompanied by the Fresh Engineering Students and Diploma Holders for a certain period called as Probationary Period (Graduate Engineer Trainee) where we train them to become confident enough to take up the companies challenges Individually.


Key Processes