Management Directory

H                                                                         Ravi R Sadasivuni

Head of Operations Geospatial Technological Activities: Dr. Ravi R Sadasivuni PhD

Dr. Ravi has tremendous experience in GIS Projects. He has more than 17 years hands-on in handling both projects and also trainings. Completed his doctorate fellow ship from Mississippi State University.


Santosh Kumar Bogela

Head of Operation for Engineering Work activities: Mr. Santosh Kumar B.E, MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Professional.

Mr. Santosh has tremendous experience in Industrial Engineering Activities. He has more than 7 years hands-on in handling Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and QA/QC works. His works mainly contribute in India & Middle-East region.


Hemanth Kumar 

Head of Operation for Information Technology and Software Development Activities: Mr. Hemanth Kumar B.Tech

Mr. Hemanth has handful of experience in handling support projects in software consulting. He has a mainstream in projects like SAP, Android and Testing Projects.