O Objectives 


  1. To carry on the trade or business of Engineering, Technology, Mechanical ,Electrical ,civil Engineering works and geotechnical  works  and Consultation services in the all fields and includes Design of energy efficient lighting and power systems, Design of Electrical Distribution system, Selection of Electrical Equipments with optimization, SLDs, Cable schedules and layouts, Heat load calculation, Selection and design of air conditioning system, Design of ventilation and exhaust system for toilets, parking, laundry and kitchens, Selection of equipments with optimization, Schematics and layouts, Plumbing, Water demand calculation, Design of water supply distribution system, Design of sewer, waste, Kitchen, Storm water and rain water drainage system, water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants, Rain water harvesting and storage, water bodies and swimming pools water filtration and circulation, Fire fighting System, Design of fire detection system, Design of fire protection system – Automatic Sprinkler system, Hydrant system, Fire extinguishers, staircase and lift well pressurization system Fire water pump room, Telephone, Data, Wi-Fi, MATV distribution system, Building management System, Security surveillance system, Specialist in piping Fabrication and Erection of IBR, SS, CS, NACE, Alloy Steel and Equipment, Erection, Pre Commissioning and Commissioning activities, Fabrication of industrial steel structures with low tolerances, Erection of steel structures of any height with accuracy, Erection of process equipments and alignments, Blast cleaning (sand, grit, shot) of structures, Manual, Airless spray of Epoxy, Polyurethane, poly siloxyne paints, Application of all exterior, interior alkyd, cement based paints, Specialized coatings for onshore & offshore, gas fields hydro carbon industries, Application of Epoxy Trowelling putty,  solvent free epoxies, Civil Works, Internal Roads, Drains, Hard Standing, Low Level Buildings, Connected Electrical Works, green power based on solar cells and wind mills.


  1. To carry on the business of all kinds of Technologies including Information Technology, Software, Information Technology Enabled services, SAP Development, SAP Support Projects, Website development, SAP Remote Support, Staffing, Training, recruitment and all other consultant services including in the areas of Geospatial Applications & Technologies Multi scale, multidisciplinary Environmental systems, Data Collection/Conversion/Migration, Data Analytics, Spatial Data Maintenance and Creation, 3D Visualizations and Spatial Modelling, Real Property/Tax Parcels, Urban Planning Applications: Parcel, Zoning, Land Use and Transportation Networks, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, Emergency/Disaster Management, Utilities and Telecommunications, Water / Wastewater, Biodiversity and Habitat Inventorying, GPS surveying, Providing of the optimal location for the business analysis ( Finding out Optimal Retailing locations, Agricultural advisory, Oil and Gas Exploration Mapping, Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, Disaster Management, Optimal Fishing Locations, Aqua culture development Techniques and procedures, Preservation of open spaces connected to cultural heritage sites, Environmental Law Mapping, Short Courses and Instructional Training Modules to the government / corporate employees.



  1. To carry on the trade or business of Engineering, Technology and Consultation services into any contracts in relation to, and to erect construct, maintain, alter, repair, pull down and restore, either alone or jointly with any other companies or persons, work of all descriptions including buildings, complexes, wharves, docks, piers, railways, tramways waterways, road, bridges, warehouses, factories, mills, engines, machinery, railway carriages and wagons, ships and vessels of every description, gas works, electric works, water works, drainage and buildings of every description.


  1. To carry on the business of manufacture, produce, assemble, alter, acquire, build, convert, commercialize, design, develop, display, demonstrate, equip, fabricate, repair, maintain, modify, market, recondition, remodel, import, export, buy, sell, resell, research, and to act as agent, broker, financer, stockiest, supplier, contractor, consultant, engineer, collaborator or otherwise deal in all types of testing and inspection machineries, tools, equipments and accessories and all types of automatic, semi automatic, digital, Electric, electronic and hand operated, instrument, equipment, apparatus, machineries, tools, their parts, fittings, components accessories used for Electrical, Electronic and  Mechanical equipment, Information systems and Technologies and to carry on the business of Design, Develop, testing and inspection, research and development includes Project Design, Quality Assurance (QA), Project Management, Acceptance Trials.


  1. To Carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, convert, assemble, fabricate, prepare, manipulate, import, export, buy, sell, supply, and to act as agent, indenter, franchiser, distributor, consignor, stockiest, developer, broker, job worker, consultant or otherwise to deal in all types of Electronic, Electronic and General Technology components, devices, systems, instruments, equipments, appliances, parts, fittings, accessories, chips, circuits, relays, connectors, coils, diodes, electrodes, values, condensers, transformers, speakers, resistance etc. used in all types of industrial, domestic, automobile, defense, railways, airways, waterways, information technology, software development, medical, entertainment and other allied fields and to do all other acts and things necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.